Jamie and Michael {Montrose, CO Engagement Photographer}

A few weeks before we moved out of Arizona, I got a phone call from my brother in law, Michael. He doesn't call me very often, so naturally my curiosity peaked up and I imagined he probably must be announcing news of some sort, and also knowing he'd been serious with his girlfriend for a a while, I put two and two together.
"So....we were wondering if you would take pictures at our wedding?"
*commence loud celebrating on my end of the phone*

I then proceeded to ask him if he'd called Craig yet (my husband, his brother), who was out here in Colorado working while I got the house ready and packed, and he said he had a few more people to call and he would get a hold of him.

Then I texted Craig. And hinted VERY heavily that there was something going on. Something that I knew about and he didn't. Something really exciting. He ho hummed about it at first. Then started pestering me asking what it was that I knew. Just to give you a history, it's very rare that I am in a position to yank Craig's chain about anything. He's a pretty observant guy...actually like freakishly observant, but that's another story for another time...and always seems to be in the know about things way before I do, but here I was with on the edge of your seat news and I had it and he didn't. I was practically gleeful about it, it was all I could do not to call him and burst out the good news, but I didn't want to say anything before Michael had a chance to tell him and I was having way to much fun dangling him along.
Craig started getting insistent, and try as I may to stall him, finally I asked him if a certain brother of his had called him recently, thinking surely by now Michael would be close to calling him. He said that he hadn't, and kept pestering me for info, until I broke and blurted out, "MICHAEL CALLED ME TO ASK TO TAKE PICTURES AT HIS WEDDING THIS SUMMER!!"
"I know. He called me this morning and I told him not to tell you I talked to him."


We were texting, and he was hundreds of miles away, but I swear I could hear him heckling from my living room, the punk.

Craig's in the know superpower wins again.

Fast forward a month, we're in Montrose, and Michael and Jamie came to visit us so I could fulfill their exciting request.
I am so excited for Jamie to be a part of the family!! She can totally handle his Ellingson goofball sense of humor (it takes a special woman to understand and accept...and I'll reluctantly admit eventually embrace the Ellingson dorky jokes and endless Hogan's Heroes quoting...). We're excited to head to Utah in a month to celebrate their new lives together!!