Back to Basics Mini Shoot 2015! {Kingman, AZ Childrens Portrait Photographer}

Welcome 2015!

Starting a new year on the right foot

I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday and have had a great start to the new year! I know my mind has been buzzing since Christmas ended about all the possibilities the new year would bring for my business and my work. Which is why I'm thrilled to be announcing my first major project of the year.

Most of you I'm sure still have family pictures you are sorting through from the holidays, and if you're like me, you're looking at your house now that all the decorations are down and are planning the next big change in your home. My eyes always fall on my kids' rooms. I love creating spaces for them that are inviting and that remind them of what I love most about them. In coordination with these thoughts, I've also been thinking about how I can really boil my photography down to its essence and remind myself of what I love most about it. For me, it's capturing true personalities. I think that's why any photographer does portrait work at all- to capture who a person was in that exact moment of time. With my own kids, I'm always looking for that secret smirk, the sparkle in their eyes, the laughter and fun, the solemn contemplating expressions, all the things that really bring out who they are. Unfortunately with kids, sometimes this can be like hitting a moving target. They change so quickly and their unique characters mature and keep growing- faster than we can keep up with! The images I truly cherish of my kids are not the posed ones, not the cheesy smiles, not the ones where they are dressed up to match everyone else in the family, not the ones where they are in a fake boat in front of a backdrop or sitting on antique furniture (...okay actually some of my favorite images of my kids are them sitting in antique furniture, I lied...), but the simple ones with no quorum or decor, just me, them, and the camera.
The basics.

If you've gotten this far in this blog post, and I hope you have, I am really excited to announce the Back to Basics Monthly Minis by Chelsea Ellingson Photography. If you are looking to redo their rooms or want to add a little spunk to their walls, this is the shoot for you. If you want to keep remembering them how they are however frequently you want to do it, this is the shoot for you.
How it works is this: once a month every month for the year of 2015 I'll be opening up my doors and anyone who wants to come can show up and get a simple, basic, cherishable image of their kid (or kids). $49 gets you in the door for up to four kids. You can chose from a selection of colors for a backdrop (think room colors!), and then chose from either an 8x10 canvas print OR an 8x10 frame from The Organic Bloom frame shop for $89 at the shoot itself (digital image included in all wrap or frame purchases)! The Organic Bloom has a color, shape, and number of images for every taste and every decor need. You can compare actual color samples at the shoot (bring paint samples if you have them!) and pick something that will coordinate perfectly with your children's room decor. This is valued at over $200, and I'm giving it to you for $138 (prices may vary)! Don't have the money for it now? Save up for February. Or March. Or April. I'll be doing it every month, so you won't miss out.


CLICK HERE to sign up!