Senior Representatives {Montrose, Colorado Senior Photographer}

Seniors are definitely some of my favorites to capture.
They are chill. They like to pose for me. I don't have to dance around waving squeeky toys and singing songs.
For the next little while I'm going to go through my archives and blog about the seniors I've done, starting with this guy. I'm currently on the search for some class of 2016 Senior Representatives! If you are in or around Montrose and are interested, please contact me through email at and I will send you information on how to apply. Representatives receive a FREE 30 minute shoot with me and 3 digital images.
Hope you guys are enjoying the rain if you're in the area. If I didn't have 4 kids at home 24-7 I would love it a lot more.
Who am I kidding. I still love it.
:-) :-)
This guy KILLED the shoot. He was awesome. Friendly, polite, and was a natural. Not to mention his family is awesome. I miss some of those downtown areas in Kingman, but am excited to go explore downtown Montrose a little more on my next shoot! Stay tuned...