Lee Williams High School Cheer Squad {Kingman, AZ Portrait Photographer}

I've been sitting on this for almost a week now and I'm so excited to share this image with you! WOW- what a fun night. These girls were amazing! So charming, sweet, and accommodating. Also a shoutout to the Kingman Fire Department for being SO awesome for bringing the truck out for us and being patient with a whole gaggle of us ladies getting everyone on and off of there and looking fantastic.

I want to take a minute and point out something IMPORTANT you should look for in any photographer. Now, I'm not ragging on school photographers in the LEAST- they have a tough job, there's a lot of kids, and a business is a business, we all gotta make a buck, and I'm definitely not equipped to do what they do, believe me- I have a talented uncle in the business and it's hard work. But I want to tell you some of the comments I heard last week during the shoot from the girls...
"Thank you for bringing us out here!!" *I got a thank you from almost every girl, you are MOST welcome!*
"Thank you for fixing my hair!"
"Oh, thanks, I didn't notice my pockets were untucked..."
"Wow- you actually CARE about what I look like!"

Yes, yes I do. I want you to look your best, and it helps me to help you look good. If I'm putting out work that is not flattering to you, what do you think that is going to do to my business? Word of mouth is a double edged sword. That is MY JOB. Not just to be a good photographer technically, not just to be good at making you look your best, but BOTH

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