Thank you so much for your interest in doing make up/hair for Chelsea Ellingson Photography! I’m still somewhat new to the area, so I’m putting my feelers out there to see who's here and who is up for the challenge.
I’m very very interested in specializing in senior photography, specifically for girls, and I want the option of hiring a stylist for them before their shoot. Ideally I’d like someone who can do BOTH hair and makeup, but will do two separate stylists if needed. I need someone reliable and who matches my style of photography. Amount of work all depends on how many clients I can book, but this is also a part time business for me as I am a stay at home mom, so I’m looking to get 1-4 shoots a month tops. I would include professional styling as part of senior packages, somewhere between $40-$80 per job (depending on years of experience and what you normally would charge for a job like that, pricing is negotiable).
I am in the beginning stages of putting together a senior photography open house for my business at the end of January or February, so I’d like to have 1-2 model shoots before then to boost advertising. I would love to have the stylist involved in these shoots, understanding that it would go towards advertising and would not be paid, however I will personally compensate by doing head shots for you to use on whatever you like that will be on display in some sort at the open house. I am trying to find the best way to advertise for the open house, and may put some ads in the paper in town as facebook advertising is going to get increasingly more difficult at the start of the year (BLAH!). I would love for the stylist(s) to be at the open house to meet potential clients and show them alternate styles and options (we can have a few tete-a-tetes about this before we get going). Being involved would also require signing a basic contract agreeing to notify me in advance if cancellations occur, how to get paid, what happens if you’re a no show, etc. I would also recommend looking around my website here or look on my Facebook page @Chelsea Ellingson Photography to make sure that I fit your style as well! :-) All that being said, if you are still interested, please fill out this form and follow the instructions. ALL APPLICANTS WILL ALSO NEED TO SEND ME IMAGES OF THEIR WORK IN ADDITION TO FILLING OUT THIS FORM. When you submit this form, I will email you a link to a dropbox folder within 24 hours where you can upload 3-5 (or more) images of your work! Make sure there is good lighting on your subject so I can see as much detail as possible. I would like to have a stylist or stylists selected before the start of the year, so I will accept images and forms until Saturday December 20th.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Look forward to seeing your submissions!
Chelsea Ellingson


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