Everything you need to know...

...about investing in quality family memories.


How much should I expect to invest?

I have recently changed my session fees in order to make my sessions more digital-file friendly. My session fee is now $450 upfront, however this includes fifteen professionally edited photos of your choice (as opposed to the previous print credit). Those fifteen digital files are included in your fee, and we will schedule a time to get together two to three weeks after the shoot for you to see and chose which ones you fall in love with and want to keep, as well as give you an opportunity to order any additional prints, albums, or wall-displays. This will be a temporary change from now until the end of 2018.

What can I expect from my experience with you?

Step 1: Once we have solidified a date, you will get a contract and invoice, which can be signed and paid online, to officially book your shoot.

Step 2: If desired, schedule a FREE in-home consult. This is an IMMENSELY helpful step in making sure that you know where you want these photos to go in your home and for us to assess what styles, colors, and locations would work best with your decor. We can also discuss what you would use these photos for outside of displaying in your home (gifts for family, heirloom albums, or digital images for personal use).

Step 3: Take the photos at agreed upon location! The shoot itself goes anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half (varying factors include number of family members, ages of children, location and outfit changes, etc.). This is the FUN part- I do everything I can to make sure we are working in a low-stress and easy environment.

Step 4: Within two to three weeks, I will have an online gallery ready for viewing and we can schedule an in person ordering session at my office. Here is where I can show you what products look like and you can take your time going over the photos so you know which ones you would like and if we have gone through a pre-session in-home consult, I can even give you a few mock-ups of what the images would look like in your home. Expect the ordering session to go about two hours.

Step 5: I personally deliver your products a week or two later. And there will be much rejoicing.

What is included in the session fee?

The session fee includes an hour to an hour and a half of shooting on location with me. There is no limit on outfit or location changes so long as we can fit it in that time frame (including travel and change time during the shoot). I make sure we are in communication the entire time to answer any questions you may have about outfits, time frame, products, or anything else you may need to ensure you feel fully prepared for the shoot. I also offer a FREE in-home consultation before hand so we can get a feel for where you would like your images displayed and what colors would look best with your home decor (yes, sometimes it matters!). This helps immensely during the ordering session afterwards so you know exactly what sizes you need and where you want your images displayed.

Why prints over digitals?

I do offer digital photography packages, but I am PASSIONATE about in-hand actual real-life prints and products. I HIGHLY encourage you to think about what you would use your digital images for. I offer high-quality art prints and products that blow general box-store prints and products out of the water and I can guarantee that the colors in the prints I deliver will match the colors in the images you fell in love with in the first place. Keep in mind that digitals can be corrupted over time, but prints last a heck of a lot longer.

Why should I book you over other photographers?

I am well aware that I am not the cheapest photographer on the block, and I don't blame anyone for going with more pocket-friendly competitors, I get it. I want you to know that I do not take your investment lightly- I have over nine years of photography experience. This means that I know the light I'm working with inside and out. This means that if the pose I'm working with you on doesn't work and isn't flattering, I fix it. This means that as much as humanly possible, I point out when there's hair ties on your wrist or when your hair got bunched up in a weird way on one side. This means that every photo I edit is meticulously worked over, from skin tones and blemishes to stray bushes or trees in weird spots, I make sure your photo is perfect. I'm also a people person. I get along well with children (as I have four of my own and taught in a classroom for three years, I know how to work with kids). From the time you contact me to the moment I deliver your products, I am a professional through and through. I don't deny that there are photographers out there that will save you some money, but I make in a priority to ensure that if you work with me, you aren't "risking it" with your family memories.

How do I book?

Fill out the form below and that will start the ball rolling.