Montrose Kids Model Shoot
Please fill out the information below to reserve your spot for the Kids Model Shoot! All fields are required.
The shoot is on the evening of August 8th from 5:30-8:30 and each child gets a 10 minute slot. Once submissions are closed or filled, I will email you the the email address you provide below to let you know your time slot.
You will get three images per child to chose from. I will email you the watermarked photo of your choice for FREE and request that you share the watermarked image on facebook and tag my business page on the image (email me if you have problems with this). Once you have shared it, I will email you the same image WITHOUT the watermark for your personal use.
Prints and other gallery products are available upon request and price list will be included in your time slot confirmation email.
Email me with any questions or concerns at!

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Parents Name
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