Photo Credit: Tim Brown

Chelsea Ellingson

As a young teenager I spent a lot of my summers in a small mountain town in Southern Colorado hanging out with my dad and my uncle in a photography studio they ran together. My dad's images had a flare for the old and bizarre, and my uncle's travel and art photography prints covered most of the shop. While listening to the Buena Vista Social Club and hiding under the ancient swamp cooler in the back to escape the summer heat, I would pour over the work in the shop, soaking in the light and the colors and the angles.

As a portrait photographer, the light and the colors and the angles haven't left my mind. I now pour over faces and faces and faces. Eyes, lips, teeth, hair- they all make up something together that spark feelings by those who know and love them. When we see the people we cherish, our mind glosses over their imperfections and fills in the gaps with joy and affection. A good portrait photographer should create a photo that comes to life in the hands of those who love the people in them, and I strive to accomplish this with every experience I deliver.

I live now with my husband, four beautiful children, and Boston Terrier in Northern Colorado. I taught music for three years here and carry my experience as a former teacher and mother of four to working with people and especially children. I see beauty in every single face I encounter, and I hope you'll give me a chance to show you that beauty in your session with me.